Power Facials

Power C+

Vitamin C is one of the most valued active ingredients in dermatology due to its multiple benefits on the skin.  Not only is it one of the most powerful antioxidants known it also stimulates the skins metabolism and formation of collagen.  Designed to illuminate the skin leaving it visibly younger.


Power Retinol

Triple retinol activity for maximum rejuvenating effects.  Highly potent retinol complex.  Maximum concentration of pure retinol (0.15%) in a single treatment.  Rejuvenates skin that has aged from natural causes of sun exposure.


Power HA Facial

Power Hyaluronic Facial balances the skins natural hydrodynamics, obtaining an optimum degree of hydration.  Recommended for dehydrated skin on the surface.


Power HA Eyes & Lashes

An intensive treatment to give your eyes a new expression.  This Mesotherapy eye and lash treatment combats all the signs of ageing.  The best generation of eyelash strengthening and thickening ingredients to promote the growth of thicker and fuller lashes.

30mins: £41.00


Power Oxygen

The Skeyndor Power Oxygen collection protects your skin from environmental pollution and provides it with the oxygen it needs, perfect for skin living in urban environments.  Oxygen is needed for energy production giving the skin a healthy colour, luminosity and radiance.  An abundant supply of oxygen will ensure good skin and health.


Uniqcure Express Facial

Have radiant skin in only 30 minutes with Skeyndors Uniqcure & My Mask collection. Using a cocktail of active ingredients and high-tech concentrates. Each skin is unique and has special needs! This treatment includes cleanse, exfoliation, Uniqcure ampule application followed by MY mask and a relaxing head or foot massage whilst the mask takes effect.