Our aesthetics expert is Emma Millam. Emma is a medically trained prescribing nurse practitioner. She has over 10 years experience within the aesthetics industry. Emma has carefully selected her products for Botox & fillers. She has the best reputation for this reason – her lasting results speak for themselves!

The anti wrinkle and filler industry has become saturated in the recent years so we urge all clients thinking about injectables to choose their practitioners very carefully!
When using a high quality branded filler it is impossible to match the price of inferior fillers and practitioners.
If a business is offering cheap Botox or filler please ask; why so cheap? Are they medically trained or experienced? The antidote for filler or Botox to dissolve is only available through prescription – Is your practitioner a prescribing nurse?
In extreme circumstances with an inexperienced practitioner filler can be incorrectly injected into a vessel. This can cause vascular occlusions/necrosis (tissue death) and even blindness.